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The Problem :

Ibodh targets the access challenge faced by Hindi speaking schools in rural India for quality education. With more than 30,000 people being born in rural India every day, India's fast growing population is prominently young. Even when the facility of schools is available to children in rural India, the village children face countless constraints when it comes to receiving a quality education. The barriers range from parents who are reluctant to educate their children to teachers who promote rote learning with insufficient learning materials.

Ibodh responds to this by making quality online education more attainable. We translate and use already translated educational content from websites such as Khan Academy, edX and other sources. Our videos range from 6th grade powers and exponents to introduction of the atom.
ibodh= I learn!

The Solution :

In this realm of technology, online education has the power to influence any individual, at any time and place. Websites such as Khan Academy, edX and stanfordonline are changing the traditional idea of education and can be accessed by anyone with 3 basic requirements: a computer, internet connection and a desire to learn. Ibodh is built on this particular idea and is committed to bridge the gap between those who have a desire to learn and online educational content.

What began as a self help technique for our team has now translated into changing the lives of around 1500 children in rural India. With this germinated the thought of helping those who had access to the internet but not a sound knowledge of the English language. Videos ranging from double digit multiplication to the law of supply and demand are present on their website with hindi subtitles and dubbed audio. These videos are then provided to schools and individuals alike who can fulfill their desire for a world class education and that too without cost.

Student Reviews

1 'We love going to the class each day knowing that what we'll study is also used by many other children in the world.'- Kanishka Sharma 7-A (Student)

2 'We love learning from Khan Academy and its good to see our teachers encourage us to watch these videos.'- Manu Lal 11-A (Student)

3 'These Khan Academy videos have not only helped the students, but are useful for teachers alike. They learn new methods of telling the same thing. This initiative has been of great help to our school': Shivkanta Singhvi (Principal)

Why IBodh - Education For All

Education, like food and Shelter is a basic Human Right. We aim to bridge the divide between rural schools and access of good quality resources by translating Khan Academy videos and making online education more accessible.

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